The Eeyore of the Sea

Let’s talk about a number – 60 million to be exact.
If you were to travel 60 million km, it would be the equivalent of circling the sun – 14 times over.
If a baby were to grow 60 million times its size, it would grow to be 450 million pounds.
If you had $60m, you could buy a Rolls Royce Phantom. 133 to be exact with enough money left over for a brand new Ferrari.
Now that you have some idea of how big 60 million is, check out this fish. The Mola mola, or Millstone fish is, well, simply ugly yet intriguing all at once. From a mere 1/20th of an inch as an egg, this monster can grow up to (yup, you guessed it) 60 million times its size.
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